Doppio Table for a bachelor degree


Table designed for small spaces. 

Nowadays more and more people live in the cities. We have to fit all our needs in smaller appartments and less furniture.

Doppio table helps you create two spaces in one piece without any big mechanisms, just slide part of the top to make a space for your work.

When dinner time comes, slide it back. No need to clean it up.

Moving part, made of toughened glass stops on the brass ending, so it won't slide through whole table, don't worry.

As you usually need an electricity to work, find it on your right when glass top is off. On your left, there is little sliding helper made of perforated steel, so you can hide your secret letters there.

Folds into a flatpack: 140x90x15 cm

Bachelor degree / Thesis supervisor: Tomek Rygalik 

Photos: Paweł Włazewicz